Paper Burns

I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. The last few years of drought have brought us long fire seasons and a couple of close calls. This summer, I helped some friends that live just 10 miles from us to evacuate….

Questions arise-

What would you bring, what would you grab when it’s time to go? What do you leave for the fire?

This got me thinking of my travel journals. I dug them up, dusted them off, and realized that these are stories to be shared, not lost.

                                Travel journals




2 thoughts on “Paper Burns”

  1. I love this thought and agree with the sentiment of preserving stories to be shared, not lost. Something we all need to consider. The most cherished possession that my father left me was his travel journal to North Africa during his army days. I love the photo of Keith’s journals! I can’t wait to hear more about them.

    1. awe what a beautiful gift to have. grammpa jones was such a great man; i miss so many things about him but mostly miss the way he would tell a story the way he would share memories was pure humor and full of fondness

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